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19in Socket Boxes

A range of 19inch wide rack mounting modules designed to enable touring and event systems to be pre-assembled and tested prior to shipment to site thus saving expensive and scarce get-in and set-up time.

The following are examples but custom modules can be supplied:

  1. Socapex/Lectriflex Splitters have a 3 x 6 channel inlet splitting to 3 pairs of outlet connectors either direct or counter paralleled. Socapex units are 2U high with the larger Lectriflex connectors requiring 3U.
  2. Socket Outlet Modules are simple outlet modules with 6 or 12 sockets fed by a male Socapex or Lectriflex inlet. Hard wired versions are also available.
  3. Power Modules. The basic power module has a 63A 3ph CEE inlet connector feeding three 63A 1ph CEE sockets with either MCB over current protection or with MCB and RCD to also protect for earth leakage. A wide range of other power modules can be provided.