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Drop Socket Boxes

These versions of our standard socket boxes are ideal for touring, rental or semi-permanent installations allowing socket outlets to be positioned on grids or truss. The robust steel cases and electrical soundness make them ideal for this type of application.

Features include:

  1. Manufactured from mild steel with all welded seams, and black textured polyester powder finished.
  2. Units contain six sockets fed by a male 19-pin multi-pin or Lectriflex connector.
  3. Units can also be supplied with a parallel wired 19-pin multi-pin or Lectriflex connector to allow daisy chaining.
  4. Units can also be supplied with 12 sockets wired two per channel
  5. 15A, 13A, 16A CEE or 10A IEC sockets available as standard, other sockets available.
  6. Drop Boxes are fitted with a pair of reversible drop hook.
  7. Boxes can be fitted with engraved vinyl labels or with engraved and filled text/numbers.
  8. Box is black textured polyester powder finished but can be powder coated in a wide range of colours and finishes.