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Ladder Bars

Our custom manufactured lighting bars are made to your specification and can be supplied with a range of terminations or unwired.

Features include:

  1. Manufactured in 48.3mm OD 4.5mm wall aluminium tubing, and fully welded.
  2. Ladders over 6 metre long are prefabricated fully wired with steel internal or external joiners.
  3. Ladders can be custom made in any length, with fully welded cross members and with any socket spacing and wiring configuration.
  4. We can wire one or both sides of the ladder, or supply an unwired ladder.
  5. 15A, 13A, 16A CEE, 10A IEC, 10/16A French or German style Schuko sockets on square ABS rigidly mounted enclosures.
  6. Square ABS enclosures are available in silver, black and white, and can be painted in other colours.
  7. There are a range of termination options: side or end mounted termination boxes, 19-pin multi-pin, Lectriflex or multi-core cable.
  8. DMX or other audio options can be integrated.
  9. Bars can be powder coated in a wide range of colours and finishes.
  10. All ladders manufactured and tested in accordance with EN 60439-1 and CE marked under the Low Voltage Directive.