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Patch Rack Units

Patch Rack Units are wall mounting units which house the dimmers with a built-in cord patch unit. This provides a cost effective, neat and safe method of housing dimmer packs and giving system flexibility via a cord patch unit.

Features include:

  1. Available in standard sizes: 4U 12 way, 9U 12 way, 9U 24 way, 14U 24 way, 9U 36 way and 14U 36 way.
  2. Standard units with 10A IEC, 15A and 16A CEE plug tops.
  3. Non standard sizes and connector types available to order.
  4. Units are designed for ease of installation with a cut out to allow them to sit over 100mm x 100mm box trunking. Entry cableways are provided so that no on site cutting is required.
  5. The rack top unit is punched with large ventilation holes and there is a gap behind the cord patch section to allow air circulation.
  6. The standard sizes allow a 1U air gap between 4U dimmers with blanking plates supplied.
  7. The units are manufactured from 16 gauge mild steel, supplied flat packed, and are black textured polyester powder finished.
  8. Cage nuts and rack mounting screws are supplied.
  9. Units have an angled cable tray with polythene cable guides and the leads are glanded at entry to the box.
  10. The cables are wired to DIN rail terminals with earths to a brass earth rail with a large cable lug.
  11. Units can be supplied with engraved vinyl labels fitted to the plug tops.

Sizes include:

  1. 4U 12 Way   = W500mm x H415mm x D400mm (Depth inc tray = 505mm)
  2. 9U 24 Way   = W500mm x H635mm x D400mm (Depth inc tray = 505mm)
  3. 4U 36 Way   = W500mm x H635mm x D400mm (Depth inc tray = 505mm)
  4. 14U 24 Way = W500mm x H860mm x D400mm (Depth inc tray = 505mm)
  5. 14U 36 Way = W500mm x H860mm x D400mm (Depth inc tray = 505mm)