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Tube Fittings

Andolite have a wide range of fully cast galvanised key clamp fittings for 48.3mm/2in OD tube.

Listed are our most popular fittings, but we have more available.

45-15 – Clamp to fix 48.3mm/2in OD tube at right angles.

A02-8 – Short T Clamp.

A04-8 – Long T Clamp.

A06-8 – Right Angle Clamp.

A07-8 – Adjustable Clamp 105-160°.

A10-8 – Circular Wall Plate.

A12-8 – Floor Plate.

A22-8 – Crossover Clamp.

A68-8 – End Bung for 48.3mm/2in OD tube. Available in black, grey or white.